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Abhishek Singh

Info. A multidisciplinary creative and entrepreneur, Abhishek Singh is the founder of Thira and Amalg. Born and raised in India, he lives in New York, New York.

He has a passion for art and design, which is reflected in his work. Photography and travel are also among his interests, as they provide him with new perspectives and experiences that influence his creative pursuits.

Occasionally, he produces prints that are available for purchase, either unframed or framed, with delivery available worldwide.

His photography style can be characterized as authentic, observant, and versatile, with a keen ability to distill scenes down to their most powerful, emotive elements through the use of both monochrome and color, employing natural, minimalist techniques without relying on artificial lighting or heavy post-processing.

Whether working in black and white or color, his work invites viewers to pause and appreciate the artistry found in the everyday world around us.


The name “ABSINGH” (written as one word yet pronounced as two – AB and SINGH) combines the first two letters of his first name with his full last name, Abhishek Singh.


A sensory journey, drawing from the rich tapestry of global culture and urban influences, Thira appeals to those who are drawn to travel, style, art, and design – exploring these interests through a multi-disciplinary approach. It combines a digital magazine, a shop with a curated selection of products that reflect the Magazine’s inspirational aesthetic, alongside print titles, and an art space featuring limited edition prints.

Founded November 2022, New York
Website –


A serene escape that embodies the essence of all things wellness through its premium range of wellness essentials, bespoke wellness services, and intimate, minimalist houses.

Founded January 2024, New York
Website –